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data protection regulations
Qualité garantie certifiée ISO 17100

An error was made in my document when it was created.
Can this be corrected in the certified translation?

In the case of a certified translation, a sworn translator is obliged to translate the original text word-for-word and completely, i.e. to reproduce the text exactly as it appears in the original document. Errors must also be included in the translation, e.g. if the surname, the address or even a file number is misspelled. In such cases, the translator can only add a note to the translation that there is/could be an error in the spelling of various facts. This can be proven by submitting relevant documents to the authority concerned.


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With Kitz Global you have a reliable partner who will advise you personally at any time. We are very familiar with the worldwide regulations for certified translations and are available to answer your questions at any time worldwide. Send us an e-mail and you will receive an answer within 1 to 2 hours at the latest.


Delivery of the certified translation
You will receive the ordered certified translation punctually and latest at the specified time via e-mail. If you also require a paper version of the certified translation for submission to the authorities, please indicate this when placing your order, and we will send it to you by post.


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